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Worship Services

Our Sunday morning services start at 10.30 a.m. They seek to offer a relevant worship of our relevant God, and include music led by our talented musicians, participatory teaching including the use of contemporary images or video clips, and a traditional focus on the teaching of the Bible. Throughout this our worship seeks to be focussed on God and relevant to all ages, including children who are always welcome here at EHD where we encourage them to be actively participating in the services. A creche facility is available during the service as are groups for children and young people of all ages to focus on their own learning, enabling parents to relax and engage with the worship.

Toast and Toastie

On the second Sunday of each month (from 4pm) we focus on our young families with TOAST (0-7 yo), TOASTIE (7-9yo) and Burnt Toast (10yo+).  Our time is spent in worship as a family and is an interactive experience including crafts, and prayer, with refreshments to end our time together including, of course, toast.


Find out more at: https://www.facebook.com/toastEHD

Shared Worship

As part of our commitment to renewing the church in South Liverpool, all of the churches in our circuit meet for morning worship twice each year.  We are currently using the University chapel at Hope University for this worship which with a larger congregation of 300-400 people provides encouragement for inspirational worship for all ages

Sunday Mornings


Shared Worship





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On the third Sunday evening of each month (from 7pm), we come together for worship and discussion to share our faith journey together.


We primarily focus on discussion style worship where we sit around tables with a cuppa and discuss questions based on that month’s topic.  These topics can range from ‘how can we be a good Christian in everyday life?’ to ‘how can we overcome the Christian stereotype?’ to ‘how can we share our relationship with God with others without them feeling uncomfortable?’.  These sessions are often self-ran, allowing us to talk about issues we are particularly interested in.  Whatever stage of faith you’re at, sexuality, education, etc. everyone is welcome and equally valued in the eyes of God so come and start a discussion that you’re passionate about!

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